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Emily Talks About Her Dog, Luna.

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1 Emily Talks About Her Dog, Luna. taj Pon Jan 18, 2010 3:58 pm


Demi Admin
Demi Admin
Emily Osment says her dog Luna, who she received as a gift for her 16th birthday last year, has made her more responsible.

“My parents wanted to get a puppy for me in my teenage years to make me think about someone other than myself,” the “Hannah Montana” star told People. “It’s a big responsibility — and they eat a lot! — and you have to be careful, make sure you have the right house, that kind of thing. It’s a big deal. It’s definitely been great for me.”

Osment takes Luna, a teacup Poodle, to the dog-friendly “Hannah” set to play with the cast’s dogs (Miley Cyrus has seven!). “I bring Luna all the time because she loves to play with the other dogs,” she says. “Luna’s only afraid of Miley’s dog Sophie, but she’s fine to run with the big dogs!”

The actress also enjoys traveling with her pup. “It’s the best to travel with them, but you have to find dog-friendly places,” she says. “For instance, I just found out [some] Four Seasons Hotels allow dogs. We were staying at one once, and Miley brought her dog, and even though she was barking, no one seemed to mind,” she says.

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